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Speak Your Gut   Eat all the things, maybe just a little less.

We decided to make Handsome our coffee spot while in LA and take a break from Intelligentsia. No regrets.

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Nicole (by Arya.) 

This is what happens on a super slow Saturday night at work.The wooden clubbed hand.Knitted fake coffee.


Nicole (by Arya.)

This is what happens on a super slow Saturday night at work.

The wooden clubbed hand.

Knitted fake coffee.

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Coffee writing on comics.

Coffee writing on comics.

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Staying on that (coffee) grind.

Staying on that (coffee) grind.

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Sometimes James and I have a morning off together, and sometimes he cooks me breakfast in his underwear.

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Flatiron Cafe in Jerome, AZ

I can only think of one way to start a day trip in Jerome: Flatiron Cafe.

The space consists of three tables, three stools, and a small outdoor patio space up the hill across the street;  luckily our day trip fell on a weekday.

Flatiron Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, yet the menu is simple.  In a space smaller than some walk-in closets, the menu, in my opinion, is sized perfectly.  

I ordered the breakfast burrito because, well, I always order the breakfast burrito.  To be honest, it wasn’t the greatest.  I think the eggs may have been microwaved.  The texture was off and the ingredients weren’t balanced, but if I’m being completely honest, here’s a small disclaimer: my boyfriend and I started an entire blog dedicated to breakfast burritos.  I love breakfast burritos. 


The coffee?  Astoundingly delicious.

Sometimes they get their beans from Novo (based out of Denver, Novo is one of the top 10 boutique coffee in the country according to Bon Appetite), and sometimes their beans are from the famed Intelligentsia.  There is no denying that the Flatiron Cafe is the place for the best cup of joe in town, even better than most of the popular coffee shops in Phoenix.

Halfway through our Chemex pour over, Maynard Keenan (local winemaker best known as the lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle), walks-in to get his day started with coffee, eggs and lots of Cholula.  You know that myth that celebrities are much shorter in person?  I’m pretty sure it’s true.

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