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Speak Your Gut   Eat all the things, maybe just a little less.


As of today, I am officially a published writer.  Like in print, not just on the Internet.  My third grade dreams have come true, and I have been made a believer in being able to do “anything you put your mind to.”  Thank you, Mrs. Krebs, for planting that seed back in 1993.

If anyone knows of a Lisa Krebs who’s first year of teaching was at Davy Crockett Elementary school, please tell her that I would love to thank her in person.  Here are some other helpful hints in making sure that the person you’re thinking of is indeed my third grade teacher.

  • Her student were referred to as Krebs’ Koalas.
  • She loved Dan Marjerle aka “Thunder Dan” and was willing to leave her husband for him had the opportunity ever presented itself.
  • She gave three kids (Me, Peter and Carl) detention for listening to Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” during reading time, while we were supposed to be reading along to Stone Soup on audio cassette.
  • She was/is bottom heavy.


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